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February and March 2016 Hilltopper

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The February and March 2016 edition of the ASUMC Hilltopper is now available online.

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In this issue:

  • Lent: From Sacrifice to Renewal – Pastor Bruce Bradshaw …Page 1
  • Obituary of Edith W. Klarman…Page 2
  • A Plan Comes Together-Bob Larmouth, Finance Committee…Page 3
  • 2015 SPRC Wrap-Up-Jan Larmouth, SPRC; On Managing Limited Resources Gracefully and Creatively- Bruce Bradshaw…Page 4
  • Lent and Holy Week Service, Main St UMC Food Pantry…Page 5
  • Public Suppers, Nashua Soup Kitchen Volunteers…Page 6
  • Scenes from the December 20 Children’s Program and Christmas Eve…Pages 7-9
  • Bible Studies…Page 9
  • February Calendar…Page 10
  • March Calendar…Page 11
  • Bowling Party for Families…Page 12

Holly Town Fair & Holiday Luncheon – Saturday December 5, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

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Holly Town Fair 2012 cYou’re invited to join us this Saturday for our annual Holly Town Fair, a charming and traditional family-style community fair and luncheon held at Arlington Street United Methodist Church in Nashua, NH.

Some of this year’s hand-made crafts from church and area artisans:

  • Christmas decor, wreaths, rustic home decor
  • Hand made wool mittens
  • Sea shell shadow boxes
  • Variety of fleece vests
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Jewelry
  • Miniature hooked rugs
  • Framed landscape photographs
  • Homemade dip mixes
  • Holiday-themed bake sale items
  • Dog treats &dog scarves
  • Canned applesauce, salsa, cranberry sauce, relish, hot pepper jelly,
  • Holiday plants including fresh holly
  • Re-gift table featuring gently-used jewelry, books, and other items.

Great for gift-giving or just for you!

WHEN: December 5, 2015 @ 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

WHERE: Arlington Street United Methodist Church, Fellowship Hall, 63 Arlington Street, Nashua, NH 03060

COST: Admission is free.  There will be a luncheon of homemade soups and sandwiches from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm:

  • Soup/bread and a drink: $5.00
  • Soup/sandwich and a drink: $6.00
  • Single sandwich/chips and a drink: $4.00
  • Individual roll up or sandwich: $3.00
  • Donut and a drink: $2.00
  • Individual donut: $1.50
  • All beverages (coffee/tea, hot chocolate, soda, bottled water): $.75
  • Bag of chips: $.50

Directions and Parking Information

Hilltopper for November/December 2015

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In this issue:

  • Living Thankfully Amidst Abundance – Pastor Bradshaw …Page 1
  • Blessings and Peace from the Finance Committee…Page 2
  • 2016 Estimate of Giving Form…Pages 3 & 4
  • Holly Town Fair, Christmas Eve…Page 5
  • Christmas Eve, Public Suppers…Page 6
  • Poinsettia Order Forms/Choir…Pages 7,8
  • Bible Studies, Church Conference,.Worship Volunteers….Page 9
  • November Calendar…Page 10
  • December Calendar…Page 11

Church Conference, **Rescheduled** for Saturday, December 12, 1:00pm

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Church Conference, **Rescheduled** for Saturday, December 12, 1:00pm

Our Charge/Church Conference has been rescheduled for  Saturday, December 12 at 1:00 in the ASUMC Sanctuary.  Please make every effort to attend.    The NEUMC has delegated Charge Conference facilitation to church pastors, therefore Casey Collins, the pastor of Milford UMC,  will facilitate the conference of ASUMC,  rather than Jim McPhee, our District Superintendent.   (See article below for further explanation.)

Cabinet announces changes to charge/church conferences

July 21, 2015

Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar and the nine District Superintendents of the New England Conference are making some changes to the approach and processes for the annual charge/church conferences. The changes will take effect beginning with the fall 2015 conferences. Below is a statement from the Cabinet about the changes:

Bishop Devadhar and the District Superintendents have been re-thinking our charge conference/church conference experiences.  There has been much conversation and discernment about how best to have our district superintendents relate meaningfully with our local churches.  The  Strategic Plan process (that the New England Conference considered in 2014) had considerable feedback about the way we have been accomplishing annual church conferences and the role of our district superintendents.

In 2014, most of our New England churches used a worshipful work format by Marcia McFee – to widespread affirmation.  This way of being in holy conference and in local church conferencing will be in evidence once again in 2015 as our gatherings are framed by the  worship service that Marcia has written.  Also, this year many of the church conferences will be led by elders within our districts, active and retired.  This “pilot” – similar to practices being tried in many other conferences – seeks to share leadership within our districts, and will give District Superintendents more time and opportunity to relate in different ways with our local churches and pastors.  [We are counting on your feedback as we see what shape this practice will take beyond 2015.]  The District Superintendents will still be meeting with each local SPRC on a different schedule, but many of the church conferences themselves will be                       facilitated by others.

District Superintendents will be spending time in local churches differently.  We still want to come and visit your churches to hear the dreams, visions, plans, and purposes of each church at least once a year.  This may be a time to share a meal and have a conversation, or be part of a mission focused congregational event, lead a cluster study, resource a local church need, preach on Sunday, hold open conversations, or have a time together to dream God’s dream for our ministries.  We would like to hear your ideas and comments about how the district superintendents can support the congregation’s ministry and mission in the world.  Pastors and DSs will have one-on-one meetings to talk about this.  Anyone else can be in touch with your district superintendent with ideas and opportunities to worship, serve, and vision with you and your communities.
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Hilltopper for September-October 2015

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Hilltopper for September-October 2015


The September – October 2015 edition of the Hilltopper is now available online.

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In this issue:

• “What I Did On My Summer Vacation” – Pastor Bradshaw …Page 1

• 2015/16 Public Supper Schedule…Page 2

• Vacation Bible School Photos…Page 3

• “Do Not Take Oaths: The Wisdom of Jesus”…Pages 4

• Worship Volunteers, Staff Parish Relations Committee Report…Page 5

• Sherwood/Talbot Wedding, Bible Studies at ASUMC…Page 6

• Church Conference on October 24…Page 7

• Thank you to Guest Pastors and Accompanists, Ice Cream Social, New Births, The Giving Garden…Page 8

• Life Line Screening…Page 9

• September 2015 Calendar…Page 10

• October 2015 Calendar…Page 11

• Crop Walk, Nashua Soup Kitchen and Shelter…Page 12

April-May Hilltopper

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The April – May 2015 edition of the ASUMC Hilltopper is now available.

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In This Issue:

Journeying through the Ashes…….…………………….1
Holy Week Schedule, Easter Bells by Arlene Geer…2
ASUMC Retreat is on April 11……..…………………….3
Bible Studies, Board of Trustees report………………..4
Christian Education for Children, Annual Reports… 4
Nashua Soup Kitchen, Worship Servants……………..5
April Calendar……………………………………………..6
May Calendar…………………….………………………..7
Easter Plant Order Form, Public Suppers……………..8